Friday, December 23, 2022

Winter storm on Governors Island

A winter storm blew in today, so I ventured out to Governors Island to experience it there. I enjoy inclement weather and last year, I went out to the island to see what it was like during a snow storm. This time, there wasn't as much snow, but the wind was brutal.

As I began my walk, the temperature was still pretty warm - around 50°F. There was some drizzle, but things were pretty calm. There was, however, evidence of chaos left behind by an extremely high tide earlier in the day. In the photo below, you can see debris all over the pavement. This was trash from the harbor washed up on the land. The tide was so high, the water came up over the edge and the ferry could not dock, so service was suspended until late morning.

This video shows the clouds rolling in over the water as well as the debris.

I attempt talking in this video, but the wind drowns out my voice. I'm trying to show the storm clouds, which are moving quickly, obscuring Staten Island in the distance.

As the dark clouds approached, the harbor took on a minty green color.

If you look closely, you can see people on Liberty Island.

Here I am at Picnic Point, the southernmost tip of the island, just as the storm hits. The wind is blowing the rain so hard, I'm not sure if it's hail. I swing the camera around to show the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island (invisible), and Brooklyn in the distance.

Snow started falling (blowing) as I was on my way back to the ferry. At this point, conditions were pretty miserable and I was ready to leave. This video shows the snow and wind, which is getting worse. Again, my voice is drowned out by the wind, but I show Nolan Park, Fort Jay, Colonels Row, and the Parade Ground.

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