Monday, January 31, 2022

Governors Island during a snow storm

Because we love inclement weather, we ventured out to Governors Island during the snow storm this last Saturday to see what the conditions were like out there. To our surprise, the island was open and the ferry was running.

Ligget Hall in the winter

There was a lot of snow, but the main roadways had been plowed. Visibility was difficult at times due to the blowing snow.

Fire truck on Governors Island

Governors Island in the snow

We kind of foolishly decided to climb Outlook Hill to see the view from up there. 

Governors Island in the snow

The hill is 80' high, but we only made it about halfway up before becoming too exhausted to go on.

The pathway was not plowed and the wind caused snow drifts to accumulate that were over two feet deep. The wind created some lovely snow formations, though.

Snow formation on Outlook Hill

On the back side of the Hills, a handful of sledders had fun flying down the slope.

Sledding at Discovery Hill

A flock of Brant were also hunkered down on the grass out at Picnic Point.

Along the harbor side, the buildings of lower Manhattan could barely be seen through the snow.

Despite the rough weather, a male Common Goldeneye duck went about his business like it was no big deal.

The view from Picnic Point:

Picnic Point in the snow

St. Cornelius chapel:

St Cornelius chapel

Here is another example of snow sculpted by wind:

Snow sculpted by wind on Governors Island

You can see how deep the snow is here.

Deep snow on Governors Island

The iconic yellow houses of Nolan Park with One World Trade in the distance:

Nolan Park in the snow

All in all, it was an interesting place to be during a winter storm, although physically demanding to get around.  Next time, it would be helpful to bring a shovel!

NYPD cruiser buried in snow on Governors Island

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