Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just can't get enough

The sexy times continue for the hawks of Tompkins Square.  As we await the arrival of an egg, the birds keep busy hunting, mating and putting the finishing touches on their nest.

This afternoon, the male caught a starling and called to the female to come have some lunch.

Male red tail with starling

She didn't respond, so he flew it over to her and she almost reluctantly nibbled at it.  The male ended up eating it and then got things going...

Hawk sex

Hawk sex

Hawk sex

Hawk sex 

Here's some video of Saturday's session which features some lovely bongo drum accompaniment.

Birdie style:

Later, the pair chilled out together on top of one of the water towers of the Village View apartments on First Avenue, where they smoked cigarettes could still keep an eye on the park.

Red tail pair atop Village View Apartments

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