Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy news?

I'm not 100% certain, but I think Dora, our female hawk of Tompkins Square, laid an egg today.  She entered the nest just after 1pm and did a bit of housekeeping before sitting very still in the position below for 15-20 minutes.

She's on the nest!

Afterwards, she moved around a bit, then hunkered down in the nest where I could no longer see her.   It's possible she did *not* lay an egg, but it's the right time and her behavior seemed to suggest it.  We'll know for sure in the next few days.

Leading up to this, the hawk pair spent a lot of time together.  They really look like they enjoy each other's company, so I hope this leads to a successful family.

They've done plenty of mating...

Red tails mating in Tompins Square

And hanging around together...

Red tail Pair in Tompkins Square

Even in the rain.

Lovebirds on the rain

The male (Chris or Christo) has been very industrious, building the nest, hunting for both of them, and cleaning trash out of the park trees...

Male red tail with plastic bag in Tompkins Square

Not to mention clearing the park of vermin.

Male red tail with mouse in Tompkins Square

And I can't get enough of watching them fly.

Leaving the nest on the Christodora

Leaving the nest on the Christodora

Leaving the nest on the Christodora

Stay tuned!

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  1. Eggciting news (sorry, I had to)! :) Thanks for your great TSP reporting, Goggla!

  2. Will there be a contest to name the offspring?

  3. Has anyone spoken to the people in the apartment/office that the air conditioner belongs to? Any chance of a cam?

  4. Wonderful photos and comments! This is almost as wonderful as the late lamented view of the Bobst nest! Thank you!