Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frisky business

If you've been in Tompkins Square in the last several days, you may have seen/heard the resident hawk pair mating.

I managed to catch the last couple of seconds of one quickie session:

Afterwards, the pair shared a snack in a nearby tree:

The male has been especially active gathering sticks and bark for the nest.  Here he is cutting twigs from a locust tree near Avenue B:

Male red tail collecting twigs in Tompkins Square

Male red tail collecting twigs in Tompkins Square

Male red tail collecting twigs in Tompkins Square

Here he is with a piece of bark.

Red tail collecting bark in Tompkins Square

And here he is tearing some material off a pipe on the roof of a building on Avenue A.

Male red tail tearing nest material off a pipe

He took the wad of (plastic?) and flew it over to the female who was waiting in a tree in the middle of the park.  She tore it up and threw it down on the grass.  Litterbug!

Meanwhile, we're still on egg-watch at the nest on the Christodora.


I guess we'll know there's an egg when the female sits in the nest.  I've heard the hawks may get protective once this happens, so leaning out the window might not be such a good idea.

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  1. Beautiful photo, Goggla! Glad to hear it's warming up there, it is here too, finally! We had the worst winter in 38 years, come on spring!

  2. Thanks, Marty!

    Yes, it's been an exceptional winter. I went numb some time before Christmas and haven't felt anything since. I'm looking forward to a day when I don't have to wear 2-3 pairs of pants...

    Believe it or not, the TSP hawks have been so entertaining this year, I've spent every day outside with them. They're so much fun, this has actually turned out to be the best winter I can remember in a long time.

    Stay warm!