Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday hawklights

I've still not confirmed whether or not Dora (I'm going to start using names) laid an egg yesterday, but the hawks' behavior today is consistent with that possibility.

Both of them spent a lot of time on the nest.

Christo and Dora on the nest

Christo continued to bring nest material up for Dora's approval.  Here, he shows her something furry (and rather nasty):

A furry offering

She rejects it and he carries it away.

Christo takes away his rejected gift

He has a go at collecting some bark.  You can see by the condition of the tree that he's done this many times before.

Male red tail rips bark from tree in Tompins Square

While he was out gathering sticks, Christo was dive-bombed by a blue jay bully.

Blue jay dive-bombs red-tailed hawk

Meanwhile, Dora stands guard at the nest.

Dora on the nest 

To be continued...

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