Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Oh, who am I kidding?  Let's just turn this into a hawk blog for a while...

Late this afternoon, I met up with the Tompkins Square hawks, who were hunting for dinner.  The male caught a pigeon and screamed to the female to come and get it.

Dinnnnnnerrrrrrr tiiiiiiiiiiime!

I saved you a foot!

Male red tail with pigeon in Tompkins Square

He continued to scream as he ate the pigeon, but the female didn't respond, so he eventually devoured it all himself.

Male red tail with pigeon in Tompkins Square

Off to clean the feathers off his beak and talons...

Male red tail in Tompkins Square

And here sits the Queen, looking content as the sun goes down.

Female red tail in Tompkins Square

I just have to throw this in here as I've spent nearly a year looking for this kestrel on the Lower East Side.  Today was finally my lucky day as I caught her sitting high on a pole.  She briefly posed before taking off for parts unknown.

Female kestrel

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