Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fledgling update

As of this evening, there is still one hawk left in the nest at the Christodora.  I'm wondering if it's happy to have the place to itself - room to stretch out, no sharing food, peace and quiet...

There was some concern last night over the second fledgling as it seemingly disappeared atop CHARAS on 9th Street.  However, neighbor Jessica sent in this photo of the young hawk dozing on her air-conditioner nearby.

And early this morning, wide-awake...

Late this afternoon, I found Shaft in a tree in the park.

Shaft, the red tail fledgling

A short while later,


Shaft naps in a tree

Meanwhile, the fledgling from the air-conditioner took a stab at exploring the trees near the nest.

2nd TSP fledgling discovers a tree

But, ended up frolicking atop the familiar CHARAS.

2nd TSP fledgling atop CHARAS

Two down, one to go!

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