Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hawk squabble

Back-tracking just a bit, this was an incident that happened last Saturday, two days before Shaft left the nest.  I can only speculate about what actually happened, but this is what it looked like to me...

Dad Christo flew some lunch up to the nest, but he withheld the food from the older two kids, intending to feed only the youngest (below on the left).

Family spat 

One of the older siblings (could be Shaft, but I'm not sure) threw a tantrum.

Family spat 

It screamed and held out its talons.

Family spat 

Christo responded by showing who's boss.

Family spat

They exchanged words...

Family spat

...and played chicken...

Christo stands his ground

The feisty youngster really wanted what Christo had in his talons.

Family spat 

In the end, the kid backed down, then went into the corner and seemed to pout as Christo fed the youngest.  I'm guessing Christo had his reasons for wanting that one particular chick fed exclusively...or maybe he just likes that one best!

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