Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fasten your seatbelts...

And stow your carrion as we prepare for take-off!

Look at me!

The Tompkins Square hawk babies are not so little anymore.

Hawklets #1, 2 & 3

That's the youngest on the right with the white head.  I've never been able to tell the older two apart (sorry, guys). 

They're now six weeks old and are ready to fledge in the next few days. 


They've been busy taking turns strengthening their wings...

 Look at me!

Look at me!

...and practicing their jumps.

Catching some air

Christo and Dora have spent the last six weeks tirelessly feeding the hawklets in the nest.  Soon, they'll be teaching the young ones how to serve up their own meals.

Christo delivers a rat dinner 

Generally, hawks leave the nest around 42-46 days after hatching.  That puts our hawks at being due to fly as early as this weekend.  It's all up to them, though, so they will decide when the time is right.

Be on the lookout for the young hawks as they may be on the ground in and around the park.  If you see one in distress, send me an email and I will contact people who can help.  You can also call 311.

Happy flying!

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  1. I have, indeed, taken time off work! This means they'll probably all fly out together as soon as I

  2. I invite the kids over to dine on the plentiful rats on my block!

    Also, that last photo is incredible...

  3. Have they flown yet?? I walked by at 8:00pm yesterday and it didn't seem so.

  4. The first one fledged at about 10:50 this morning! Updates are forthcoming...

  5. Ahhh!! That's amazing!