Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeling Blue...

It's been said that blue is the rarest color in nature.  As I searched the entire island looking for a blue jacket this spring (are we only allowed to wear black and tan?!), I found it's not all that common in the city either.  Crayola took a poll in 2000 and determined that blue is the most popular favorite color.  So, why not use it more in architecture?

Here are some of my favorite blue things...all are man-made except one.

First up, the controversial Blue on the LES.  I think its flip-the-bird shape and refusal to blend in with the neighborhood that keeps this one from being a local favorite.

The blue tower

Next up, an old beauty....a blue glass sidewalk grate.  They don't make them like this any more.

Sidewalk of the Stars

Butterflies in the entrance of ABC No Rio.


The Brooklyn Bridge and FDR Drive reflected in a painting down on the Seaport.

As in the old days...

Eyebeam Studios in Chelsea.

Blue & Red

Clemente Soto VĂ©lez cultural center.

Feeling blue

The eye that saw these things.

The beginning of a fog

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