Thursday, May 27, 2010


When the city seems impersonal and distant, all it takes is for me to come across a memorial to know I'm in a close-knit community.  My favorites are the ones done by street artists: a public display of love, affection and heartbreak created by friends and family.  In a city of 8 million, these individuals and their stories are not lost or forgotten.

RIP Danny

RIP Falcon

John Paul II
Mural by Chico on E Houston

Nixzmary Brown
Mural by Chico on Ave C

Columbia & Houston

Mommy Loves You
Mommy Loves You

Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace

RIP Sonny

RIP Sonny

Tombol RIP

5th St & Ave C


  1. I really like these, too, Goggla... I always wish I knew more about the person memorialized (well, not the Pope)... Have you taken a shot of Chico's memorial for the owner of the liquor store at B and Houston?

  2. Thanks, Grieve.

    Yes, I considered including the Liquor Store photo, but I actually have a lot more memorial pics and I didn't want the post to get out of hand (or too depressing!). Chico has also done the majority of these, which is interesting.

    The sad thing is most of these walls have been painted over, so I'm hoping we can keep them preserved in photos and online.