Monday, September 20, 2010


I took a short trip up the Hudson to Athens, NY this last weekend to move some friends into a house.  The town is beautiful...and old.  People settled there in the late 1600s and its history can be felt around every corner.

I especially enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the houses and the little alleys that ran between the streets.  This was a typical scene:  old barn, peeling paint, leafy trees and a cat.  Cats everywhere.
Guardian of the barn

While I was there, we enjoyed some especially moody skies:
Storm over Athens

The brooding clouds cast long shadows, enhancing the beautiful decay.
For rent

This house in particular resembled a cheery birthday cake in the daylight, but took on a more sinister look as the sun set.
Athens house

One of the rooms in the house where I stayed:

The stairs, while brightly lit in the day, seemed more spooky as night fell.
They go up...

And, in the heart of the night, I was terrified to go to the bathroom...

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