Thursday, June 9, 2011

American beauties

I was out for a walk in Soho the other day when I stumbled upon a stretch of Mercer Street that seemed to have time-traveled back a few decades.  It was lined with a fine collection of American classic cars, no doubt being used in the filming of Men In Black III.  I've never been a big automobile fan, but I have to admit, these beauties made my day.

Chevy Impala
Pyramid cab

Men in Black set car

Checker cabs
Men in Black set cars

Chevy Malibu
Men in Black set car

Ford Galaxy 500
Men in Black set car

Chevy Corvair
Men in Black set car

View of the street:
Men in Black set cars

Bonus:  rusted clunkers in front of Gourmet Garage, which I found funny.
Gourmet junkers

See more photos of the MIB cars at my Fickr page.

And, a day of cars wouldn't be complete without a soundtrack:

Direct YouTube link.


  1. Nice shots, especially the Cadillac! The front of it kind of looks like a bulldog! And a perfect song at the end.

  2. Galaxy -- now that's a word we don't hear often enough. A spectacular branding choice, car maker, spectacular.

    Nice shots, Goggla!

  3. Beautiful old cars and great photos.
    Love specially the photo with the fire escape on background.