Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Friday at Mars?

It's been a ritual for me to drop in on Mars after work every Friday. It's the highlight of the week - seeing friends and catching up with people I only know through Mars. The thought of losing them really makes me sad.


At some point, the place stole my heart...

I don't want to leave

I know that much of what I've written about Mars in the last six months has been glum. The slow death is agonizing and I almost want it to end quickly so I can move on.

After all, "If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine."
-- Morris West

The calm before the storm

Mars art show this Sunday
From Mars, with love
Easter at Mars
While we're on the subject of Mars
Is there life after Mars?


  1. I hear you, I kind of want it to be over too so I can quit thinking about it. At least we got to see it and be part of it. Hopefully it's still there Sunday!

  2. What really bugs me is that there is NO organizing by ANYone to stop this from happening -- not just the MARS Bar, nut the classic old tenement house next door. WHY is everyone just accepting that this is a done deal????

    Developer Donald Cappoccia is DIRTY (among other things, he lives in a low-income designated apt. house on East Third Street and he was GIVEN city-owned lots with community gardens that he destroyed in order to build taxpayer-subsidized condos).

    Doesn't ANYone give a shit????

  3. @Chris - I agree. By the time I found out about this last December, it was a done deal. I feel helpless when it comes to the development issue at large. There have been protests, letter-writing, contact with local reps, but what can we do as a community to actually *stop* any of this? You have done well to expose a lot of facts, but what can we do now, after the fact? Who made the decision to give away that land?

  4. Such beautiful photos!! I really love the last one. Such a shame...