Tuesday, July 19, 2011

End of an era

I knew this day was coming, but it was still shocking to hear Mars had suddenly closed yesterday afternoon.  I went by after work only to find the gates down and workmen inside, already tearing things out.  George called me in to identify art pieces he was taking down from the walls - there just wasn't time to contact everyone.  Then, a Department of Health inspector told me to leave.  I asked if there was a possibility of re-opening and he told me, "That's it, no more" and shut the door.  My heart sank.


I returned at sunset for a candlelight vigil.  There was a nice gathering of people despite the threat of a storm. Secretly, I hoped lightning would strike the building and blow it up so we could write off the destruction as an act of God, rather than that of developers.

No mo Mars Bar



I had a hard time leaving George.  He's lived on the block forever and now has nowhere to go.


A candle-bearer told me the past and future both exist in the present and that is all we ever have. We were there, we are here and we will continue...

I'll be back...

I'll post happier photos in the coming days.

More photos from the last day can be seen here.


Happy days
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
Mars art show this Sunday
From Mars, with love
The Mars way - dive in
Easter at Mars
While we're on the subject of Mars
Is there life after Mars?


  1. It's weird, I thought I'd be relieved when it was all over, but now I'm just sad. At least we have memories of a beyond unique place. To the Mars Bar!

  2. @Marty - me, too. I thought I was over being sad and prepared for the end. I think because it was such short notice, it caught me off guard. And, being shut down by the DoH just seems undignified.

    I'm just glad we were there on Sunday with a great group of people and it was a happy afternoon.

  3. Beautiful piece, Goggla! What a shame... I'm glad you documented it for others to remember

  4. yes...thank you so much for the beautiful documentation over the years, goggla.

    very sad.

  5. I had a strange creepy crawly feeling come over me and I knew I had to check this blog and I knew what I would find. I wish I only could have been at the vigil.

  6. This is not just another dive bar closing -- it's about another piece of our city as we've always known it and loved it being cut out and disposed of....

    What's TRULY fucked up about all of this is that the residents of this building brought this about by cutting their deal with real estate developer Donald Capoccia (the same guy who destroyed community gardens in order to build 3 story condos on the LES) in order to get new apts in the huge yuppie ghetto complex he wants to build there.

    They may be getting their Capoccia apts for $10 each, but how are they going to afford the maintenance fees he will charge them? That will be several times higher than the rents they've been paying!!

    By the time these fools realize their mistake when they've been double-crossed by Capoccia, there will be NO ONE left to fight for them!!

  7. Sad, sad. Thanks, Goggla, for your Mars chronicles. I'm happy to have made it there on Sunday too.

  8. Sadly, this scenario will be repeated at the end of the summer when Ruby's is shut down.

  9. These are beautiful tributes Goggla.

  10. Masr....I will always hold you in my soul...