Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was sitting in Mars last Saturday with Hamlet when he asked me what I'd be taking from the bar as a souvenir. "Pictures," I said as I looked around, noting everything in sight was too grimy or trashed.  "Or, maybe a fan blade."

"You need the spider!" he said as he laughed and jumped up on the bar to take down the glittery decoration that had been dangling over the sunny end of the room for months.


Hamlet's spider


End of an ers
Happy days
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
Mars art show this Sunday
From Mars, with love
The Mars way - dive in
Easter at Mars
While we're on the subject of Mars
Is there life after Mars?


  1. Glad you got the spider before the DOH did! A great souvenir!

  2. @Marty - if only this spider had done his job and eaten the fruit flies...!