Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More from OWS

What I've enjoyed most about Occupy Wall Street has been the discussion is has generated.  Every day, everywhere I go, people are not just talking about the protest, but talking about the state of our economy and society.  During the last several years, I never heard this type of widespread discussion - except maybe in Tompkins Square Park - and I was growing increasingly depressed that no one in this country cared about anything other than TV, iPhones, Kindles and the next American Idol.  Talking with so many people over the last few weeks about our issues and future has given me a new sense of hope.

Something I cannot seem to convey in photos of OWS is the air of enthusiasm and optimism that permeates Zuccotti Park and the protesters where ever they go.  Just being with them, I've been encouraged about our future and really do anticipate that something positive will come of this.  Those who live in the area should make a point of visiting the park at least once to experience the event first-hand.  Anyone else who has been down there and has come away with a different perspective, please feel free to share in the comments.

Rise up

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

This man was on his third day of a hunger strike...

Occupy Wall Street

All of the above photos were taken October 17.  Seem more here.

Here's an interesting first-hand account of Zuccotti Park from someone who flew all the way from Atlanta just to see it for himself.



  1. When I first heard about OWS, I was incredibly cynical about it. It only took one visit to turn my mind around about it. There's such a sense of optimism about it and I've gone twice and both times it leaves in such a good frame of mind and it does give you a sense of hope. It's raised a much-needed discussion in this country and the world. Great photos in this post and the ones below it, Goggla!

  2. @Marty- I was skeptical in the beginning as well. It wasn't until I visited the park that I 'got' it. I think what I appreciate most is the group is leading by example in showing how a community can function successfully.

    I keep urging people to go see for themselves because I think a lot more would understand if they did.


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