Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love the inviting holiday window at De Robertis:

De Robertis

And this retro window display on 11th Street:

Retro TV

This is either sad or inspiring - maybe it depends on whether or not the sun is shining...

Christmas on 9th Street

The gingerbread man, he's out of the pan...only to be hit by a van!

Gingerbread van

And, an annual favorite, the life-sized nativity scene at the Church of St Anthony on Houston:



  1. Great Christmas shots! I love the first two windows, however if you look closely at the retro shot, you can see shades of Cardboard Box Man mutations. Aaaahhh!

  2. Marty - mwahaha! You have me seeing CBM everywhere now...

  3. Where on 11th is that retro window?

  4. @Leesy - it's near Veniero's btwn 1st & 2nd Aves.

  5. I love this collection of pictures! Poor little gingerbread man ...
    Yes, that Cardboard Box Man business has got to me too! What with CBMs & Christmas trees I'm in a state of perpetual anxiety.

  6. Season's Greetings Ms. Goggla....every year I try to rock around the interweeb seeing who has captured the feeling of Christmas via pics of storefronts/etc., and I am pleased as funkypunch to tell you that YOUR collection is THE best so far. Some go for MUCH too many of the sameoldsameold....but your set is JUST RIGHT!
    Could I have some more kind lady? Remember....KEEP IT FUNKY!!!

  7. Thanks, everyone.

    @DrBOP - it's funny, because I've had a hard time finding many good decorations this year. Maybe it's still too early - I'll have to do more exploring next week. The funkier, the better. :)