Friday, December 2, 2011

Scenes from Zuccotti Park

Here are a few images from Zuccotti Park from the last few days.

This anti-war protester held down the fort (in the rain, no less) while the rest of the OWS group attended a meeting.

No war

Park activity is still very much alive. This was after a labor union march from Union Square.

Zuccotti Park is still very much alive

The Christmas tree could really use more barricades and cops...what do you think?

Guarding the Christmas tree

People helped each other over the barricades, but there was no molesting of the tree!

Zuccotti Park

The mood this night was very positive. Even the police seemed to be in good spirits.

Zuccotti Park

Meanwhile, on the Bowery...

Pepper Spray Cop

See more photos here.


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  1. Hi Goggla,

    Nice. I haven't been down since Black Friday, when a hundred or so protesters marched around the park, chanting the familiar slogans. I figured they'd pretty much packed up for the winter or were maybe regrouping, so nice to see there's still activity going on. I'll have to go down when I get over this flu bug.