Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lessons learned

Two days ago, this juvenile red-tailed hawk went for a giant rat-kill in Tompkins Square, and seemed to fumble its way through the whole ordeal.  With that experience under its belt, it did a much better job today, successfully catching another king rat.

Red tail with giant rat in Tompkins Square

The rat really is gigantic...even the Penske moving guy is impressed.

Red tail with giant rat in Tompkins Square

The whole scene traumatized this girl.  And I love her friend's hoodie...


Yeah, not gonna happen.

Yeah, not gonna happen

All in all, a happy ending for everyone.

Happy ending

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  1. Dat rat ain't dat big, I've seen dem da size of the hawk itself.

  2. Zoinks! That Hawk is in charge of TSP alright.