Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend hawk update

I'm developing a real soft spot for this juvenile red-tailed hawk in Tompkins Square. I've watched it in the park for the last several weeks and am enjoying its antics.

Saturday was a beautiful day for flying...

Red tail in Tompkins Square 

And prancing around on the ground...

Red tail in Tompkins Square

Sunday was a bit lazier - more resting than flying (or killing).  This hawk seems to have a bothersome right foot, which it often pulls up while sitting, as seen here.

Red tail in Tompkins Square

My tongue, let me show you it...

Red tail in Tompkins Square

Whose tree?  MY TREE!


Meanwhile, watching the action from the tree next door...

Watching the hawk action in Tompkins Square

And then there was this...a hawk spirit?


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