Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer fun

Just another summer day in Tompkins Square...

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square

Let's race!

Let's race!

Someone wants to join the conversation...

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square

Free pigeon delivery on Avenue A...

Juvenile red tail with pigeon

This is a shot I've been working hard to get for a long time.  A problem I never expected to have is the hawks are always flying right at my face and I can't focus on them.  This time, I managed to catch the bird coming at me from a long way off, so I had time to focus on it as it came towards me.  Now the challenge is managing to do this a second time...

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square

This one pretty much sums up the day:  happy satisfaction.

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square 

Side note:  For a while now, I've been saying the hawks like the music (loud punk bands) in the park.  I have no scientific proof of this, only personal observation.  So, I was amused this weekend to see one of the juvenile hawks sit in a tree right over the stage on Saturday as the band Transgendered Jesus played.  On Sunday, Christo flew across the stage during a set by Penguin, then sat in a nearby tree for three more bands before moving right over the stage to take in the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a shot of the hawks and the bands together, but they were there...

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