Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer ugh



Hot, heavy and humid, it's my least favorite season.  The heat zaps the energy right out of me, making it much harder for me to keep track of hawks, especially when they choose to remain atop sweltering buildings rather than in the shade of Tompkins Square.

As a result, I've been lax taking photos, but Christo, Dora and the family are all doing well.  They still seem to be hanging out in the same area of Most Holy Redeemer church.  Christo makes regular trips to Tompkins Square to pick up food, but I have yet to see any other family members in the park yet.

Dora is still a near-permanent fixture glued to the church, either on the cross or dome.  I did finally see her atop Village View on First Avenue the other day, but she keeps returning to the church where she can keep an eye on the fledglings.  You can see in this photo she is starting to molt.  When she flies overhead, her raggedy wings resemble a vulture.


Christo appears to still be delivering food to Dora as well as to the kids.  I'd love to know how many rats he's caught since arriving in the neighborhood.  He's the Rat Master.

Christo delivers

A year ago, we were enjoying watching the Christodora hawk fledglings playing with sticks in the park.  I'm hoping we get to see the Ageloff fledglings having as much fun this year.

For the latest stats on all the Manhattan hawk nests, check out this post over at Morningside Hawks. There are potentially 25 baby hawks (in addition to 26 parents) being raised in the city.

See more photos on my Flickr page.


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