Saturday, May 12, 2018

Boring Tompkins Hawk Update

There's not much of an update on the Tompkins Square hawks other than to say they are still brooding eggs and seem to be doing well.

The trees in the park have bloomed and the leaves now obscure the view of the nest.  The photo below shows what we can see from the 7th Street park entrance.  That's Amelia preening on top of the nest.

And this is her on a break from nest duties.  She's looking good.


This is Amelia atop St Brigid's church where she probably has a clear view of the nest across the street.




Christo is around, but now that the leaves hide some of his perching places, I have a difficult time finding him.  Hawk activity should pick up once the eggs hatch, which I am estimating to be May 17-24.  We'll know hatching has happened when Christo starts bringing food up to the nest.  His hunting activity will probably increase as well.

For those interested in seeing what goes on in a red-tailed hawk nest, I recommend checking out the Cornell live web cam in Ithaca, New York. They currently have three cute and fuzzy nestlings.

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