Thursday, May 17, 2018

Springtime beauties

Below are more highlights from springtime bird migration through NYC.  All of these birds were found on Governors Island within the last week.

Blackpoll Warbler:

Blackpoll warbler

These guys are pretty amazing. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology,
"Blackpoll Warblers are long-distance athletes and they hold the record for the longest overwater flight for a songbird. During the fall, these half-ounce warblers fly nonstop for up to 3 days, covering on average over 1,800 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to reach their wintering grounds in Puerto Rico, the Lesser Antilles, and northern South America. Such a journey requires that they eat enough before they leave to double their body mass."
We are seeing them now on their way back north.

Blackpoll warbler

Yellow Warbler:

Yellow warbler

I love these birds as they resemble drops of sunshine.

Yellow warbler having lunch

Bay-breasted Warbler:

Bay-breasted warbler

Bay-breasted warbler

Magnolia Warbler:

Magnolia warbler

Magnolia warbler

Canada Warbler:

Canada warbler

Summer Tanager:

Summer tanager

This guy landed right in front of me in a blaze of red. Some other people were approaching on the path and were in danger of scaring him away, so I pointed him out to them and we were all able to just stand there and enjoy his presence for a few minutes.

Summer tanager

Great Crested Flycatcher with prey:


And a Warbling Vireo with prey. I've learned to look forward to insect hatches as it means all the insect-eaters will be out in force.

Vireo with lunch

Wood Thrush:

Wood Thrush

You can see more recent bird photos on my Flickr page.


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