Monday, June 18, 2018

Looking cute and fuzzy in Tompkins Square

The two Tompkins Square red-tail nestlings are growing and changing fast.  They're finally getting big enough to see from the ground, but the placement of the nest is pretty well hidden, so getting photos is a challenge.  Below are pics from the last several days, in date-order.  It's hard to believe the chicks are just over three weeks old.

June 9:

Hello, babe

Dad Christo looks on as one nestling gazes out over the park.

Christo and one of his kids

June 12:

Tompkins red-tail nestling

A wing-stretch reveals the formation of pin feathers. Look closely and note the second chick on the left, its face blocked by leaves.

Tompkins red-tail nestling showing pin feathers

This chick already has an impressive wingspan.

Tompkins red-tail nestling

June 15:

Tompkins nestling

A view of the pin feathers from behind.  Note they are also starting to appear on the tail.

Pin feathers

June 16:

Tompkins nestling

Fuzzy wings

June 17:

A lazy Sunday afternoon with mom Amelia in the background.

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Tompkins red-tail nestlings

At last, BOTH chicks at once!

Tompkins red-tail nestlings

Hello, you two.

Tompkins red-tail nestlings

Meanwhile, Washington Square Park had its first fledge this last Saturday.  See Roger_Paw's blog for an account of its first day out and about, and there is video of the fledge from the NYU webcam here.

Urban Hawks was on the scene of the fledge and also has video of the moment it happened

Check out the rest of his site for updates on the other Manhattan nest sites, some of which have experienced some drama this season.

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