Friday, June 29, 2018

Tompkins hawk update and EV Grieve podcast

There's nothing too exciting to report this week on the Tompkins Square hawk nest (no drama is good news!) other than to say the chicks are getting bigger by the day.  They are both now standing upright and have brown feathered wings.

The nest is still tricky to see from the ground, but when the wind blows just right, the curtain of leaves gets pulled back to reveal the nestlings on their stage.

June 24:

Tompkins nestling

Below, the second sibling peeks out from behind the first.  There is more to the nest off to the left that is well hidden by leaves and the hawks often disappear into that area.

Tompkins nestlings

The kids are nearly as tall as mom, Amelia.

Tall as mom

June 28:

Looking like a teenager, with grown-up wings, but still a fuzzy white head.

Tompkins nestling

Tompkins nestling

Looking out opposite sides of the nest:

Front and back

In other Tompkins hawk news, I recorded a podcast a few weeks ago with local news blogger extraordinaire, EV Grieve.  We talked about Christo, Dora, Amelia and NYC hawks in general.

You can read more about the episode over at EV Grieve. At the time of the recording, Christo and Amelia were still brooding eggs.

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