Friday, June 22, 2018

This week in chick pics

Another week flies by and the Tompkins Square hawklets are changing quickly. Although still white an downy, they are showing major feather development, and are big enough to easily be seen from the ground.

Below are photos from this past week, in date order.

June 18:

Mom Amelia perches next to one of the nestlings, who is half her size and seems to be contemplating its giant yellow feet.

Baby regarding his/her clown feet

In profile:

Mom and baby

June 19:

Tompkins nestling

The chicks sit up on the edge of the nest with their feet gripping the sticks as they lean their bodies forward.  They often nap with their heads hanging over their feet, dangling over the side of the nest. I don't recall chicks in past years doing this.


June 20:

Whoa! Look at those strong legs and dark wings!

Older Tompkins nestling

A wing stretch reveals drastic changes to the wings and tail.

Feather development

Seen together, it appears the chick on the left may be a few days younger than the one on the right.  It is still much downier than its sibling.

Age difference

This is the one I believe is the younger of the two. Pin feathers on the wings are a couple of inches long.

Wing stretch

June 21:

Chilling out on a hot summer afternoon. Amelia stands guard in the background.

Tompkins nestlings

Tompkins nestling


The three baby hawks over at Washington Square Park have now fledged. I spent some time with them this week.  Below, Fledgling #1 spent its first day in the big world getting a job as an elevator mechanic on a rooftop along the park.

Washington Square fledgling #1

The following day, two hawklets were still up at the nest ledge.  Check out Roger_Paw's site for on-going extensive coverage of the Washington Square hawk family.

Washington Square nestlings #2 & #3

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