Thursday, February 21, 2019

Red-tails Christo and Amelia continue nest-building and bonding in Tompkins Square

This week, red-tailed hawks Christo and Amelia have been continuing their bonding activities by nest-building and mating. Christo has been giving Amelia food and they've been spending more time in and around the park.

Below, Christo and Amelia keep an eye on things from one of their favorite perches near Avenue B.

Christo and Amelia

Amelia with a big stick:

Amelia with a stick

She flies the stick towards the nest.

Amelia with a stick

Christo breaking a stick from a tree:

Christo breaks a stick

I love watching Christo peel bark from trees. He seems to prefer bark from Chinese Scholar trees as well as American Elm.

Christo peels bark from a branch

The hawks use the bark to line their nest. Below, a piece of bark can be see laying across the top right side of the nest.

Christo and Amelia's nest with a piece of bark

Christo on the nest:

Christo in the nest

When they're not nest-building, Christo and Amelia can be seen (and heard!) mating.

Hawk love

Hawk love

Hawk love

Here they are on the roof of the Christodora building on Avenue B and 9th Street.

Amelia and Christo mating

This afternoon, Amelia took off from her perch on the cross of St Nicholas of Myra on Avenue A and 10th Street:

Amelia taking off from St Nicholas of Myra church

She soared past me, on her way to Christo, who was calling her for dinner.


Back atop the Christodora, Amelia is on the left and Christo is on the right:

Amelia and Christo

Just after sunset, a kestrel flew over the hawk pair as they watched over the park.

Amelia, Christo and a kestrel

You can see more recent hawk photos on my Flickr page.

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