Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Christo and Amelia celebrate Fat Tuesday atop St Brigid's church

Today is Fat Tuesday and, although Tompkins Square red-tails Christo and Amelia did not have beads to toss to an adoring crowd, they did put on a brief celebratory show this afternoon.

Amelia perched in the sun atop the cross of St Brigid's church on Avenue B. She had a full crop, indicating she had recently enjoyed a big meal.

Amelia atop St Brigid's church

Christo, who also displayed a bulging crop, suddenly swooped up behind her.

Christo approaches Amelia

Christo approaches Amelia

He made an expert landing on her back.

Christo approaches Amelia

Christo and Amelia mating

Mating lasted all of six seconds or so.

Christo and Amelia mating

And then Christo was off in a flash.

Amelia and Christo

The pair soared above the church a couple of times before heading east. This provided an opportunity to compare their appearance while in flight. Below is Christo. Note his golden brown head and white throat.


This is Amelia, who has a darker head and a brown throat.


We are now counting down the days until eggs are laid, which should be in the next couple of weeks.

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