Wednesday, July 31, 2019

NYC birds of spring and summer

It's been a quiet summer on this site as there hasn't been much hawk activity to report. After the loss of the chicks in Tompkins Square, I took a little break from hawk-watching as it was too emotional. I have, however, been keeping an eye on Christo and Amelia, and they seem to be doing ok.

Summer is generally slow for bird-watching (for me), but there are definitely places around the city where you can see plenty of wildlife. Below are some highlights from the last few weeks.

Green Heron at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge:

Green heron

Cedar Waxwings feeding each other on Governors Island:

Cedar Waxwings

A bright Yellow Warbler on Governors Island:

Yellow warbler

Red-Bellied Woodpecker in Tompkins Square Park:

Red-bellied woodpecker

Always a favorite, a Tree Swallow on Governors Island:

Tree Swallow

Indigo Bunting in Central Park:

Indigo bunting

American Woodcock in Bryant Park:


Wood Ducks in Prospect Park:

Wood ducks

Hooded Merganser in Central Park:

Hooded merganser

Mallard on Governors Island:


Killdeer on Governors Island:


Eastern Towhee in Central Park:

Eastern Towhee

Tufted Titmouse in Central Park:

Tufted titmouse

Swamp Sparrow in Tompkins Square:

Swamp sparrow

Fox sparrow in El Jardin del Paraiso, East Village:

Fox sparrow

Wood Thrush on Governors Island:

Wood thrush

Hermit Thrush on Governors Island:

Hermit thrush

Red-tailed Hawk and a Merlin in Green-Wood Cemetery:

Red-tail and Merlin

Kestrel on E 6th St:


Not a bird!

Eastern Red Bat

This Eastern Red bat was flying around Tompkins Square late one afternoon.

If you'd like to learn more about NYC bats and possibly see them in person, NYC Audubon is hosting a Bat Walk this Friday, August 2, at 7:30pm on Governors Island. 

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