Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2019 Fall Bird Migration roundup

Fall bird migration is pretty much done for the year, so below are some final highlights of the season in NYC.

I love the pastel wash on this Dark-Eyed Junco in Central Park.

Dark-eyed Junco in Central Park

We can look forward to seeing (and hearing) White-Throated Sparrows for the next several weeks as many of them over-winter here in the city. This one was seen in Central Park.

White-throated sparrow in Central Park

This one was spotted in East River Park. They are one of my favorite sparrows as I love their musical song and their colorful plumage. They can be easily recognized by their white throats and yellow spot above the eye.

White-throated sparrow in Trinnity Church cemetery

This Chipping Sparrow was one of hundreds I saw in a single day in Central Park.

Chipping sparrow in Central Park

Here is a Song Sparrow in Marine Park, Brooklyn. This one was being suspiciously still, so I turned around and saw the sparrow was keeping a close watch on a Sharp-Shinned Hawk that was circling overhead.

Song sparrow in Marine Park

This Song Sparrow was taking a break on a bench in East River Park.

Song sparrow in East River Park

You can't get much cuter than a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. This one paused from zipping after insects for half a second, long enough to snap a photo.

Ruby-crowned kinglet in Central Park

American Goldfinches go through some interesting molts, making them look different throughout the year. This one sporting a subdued yellow outfit was found in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Goldfinch in Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This American Redstart was catching insects in the shadows one evening in Central Park.

American Redstart in Central Park

Nearby, a Black and White Warbler did the same.

Black and white warbler in Central Park

This Hermit Thrush graciously posed among some matching fall foliage and berries in Central Park.

Hermit thrush in Central Park

Hermit Thrushes are another favorite of mine, so I was happy to find many of them all around the city this fall. The one below was hopping around the stones the cemetery of St Paul's Chapel downtown.

Hermit Thrush in St Paul's Chapel cemetery

And this one was being more elusive in Tompkins Square Park.

Hermit Thrush in Tompkins Square Park

American Robins can be found here year-round, but I like how their orange color can warm up a dreary fall or winter day.

American Robin in East River Park

By contrast, Gray Catbirds can blend in with the bleak winter city landscape, but their songs and calls are animated and entertaining.

Gray Catbird in Central Park

This photo of a Green Heron was actually taken in Connecticut, but we see them here in Central Park, Prospect Park, Jamaica Bay and in other natural areas around the city. I think it should be called a "rainbow" heron as it displays so many beautiful colors.

Green Heron in Pine Lake Park

I just returned from a trip to Florida where I took about 200 GB of photos, so I look forward to posting many of those here in the coming weeks. Although they were observed down south, many of the birds are ones we see up here in the northeast in the spring and summer. I was also able to catch several special species, so stay tuned...

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