Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Snacktime for Tompkins Square red-tail nestlings

Late this afternoon, I caught Amelia, the resident female red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park, feeding her chicks.

Amelia and one of her chicks

Although I was standing far away, Amelia caught sight of me as well. No one escapes her gaze!

Amelia and one of her chicks

Below, you can see two fuzzy little bobbleheads.

Amelia and two chicks

As one nestling stretches on the left, Amelia feeds the second one, which can barely be seen through the bramble of sticks. 

Amelia and two chicks

In this video taken on May 3, you can see a lively chick bouncing up and down as it gets fed by mom.

This video was taken this afternoon and shows another feeding, this time with music in the background by Robert Leslie, who has been a welcome addition to the musical entertainment in the park recently.

So, the question remains: Could there be a third chick? We should be able to confirm in the next week or so how many are in the nest. Parents, Christo and Amelia, successfully fledged three kids last year, and this year is looking good for them so far.

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