Monday, June 12, 2023

All three Tompkins Square hawk chicks have fledged

All three Tompkins Square hawk chicks have now fledged the nest (6/5, 6/8 and 6/10) and appear to be doing well. I found the entire family all in the same tree this morning as they shared breakfast and fended off pesky squirrels.

This is one of the fledglings:

Mom Amelia and a fledgling:

One fledgling flew back to the nest to look for food scraps.

This is a potential field mark on one of the fledglings - one of the primary feathers on its left wing has a white edge.

Backing up to last week, on June 5, which was the day the first chick decided to fly, all three siblings briefly posed in the nest as a mourning dove flew by. 

The following day, June 6, all was calm in the nest. 

Wednesday, June 7, was the day we had the worst air quality ever thanks to smoke from wildfires in Canada blanketing the city. The photos below show the yellowish-orange cast to the sky. The air was bad to breathe for humans and wildlife alike. 

This photo shows the tail of Chick #2, which could be used to identify it later.

This was a funny moment when Chick #2 (right) looked like they were about to fledge, but Fledgling #1 came zooming in from a nearby tree and kind of crashed into the branches in front of its sibling.

Chick #3 (left) watches the action with a piece of food in its mouth.

Fledgling #1 (left) stayed in this position for a while before climbing back up to the nest.

Meanwhile, Chick #3 took some practice flaps from a high branch.

The youngest waited a few days before fledging, but they're now all out and about. And, thankfully, our air has cleared up.

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