Friday, June 30, 2023

Hawks having fun

Below are some highlights of the Tompkins Square red-tailed hawk fledglings from earlier this week. They continue to hone their flying and hunting skills and are looking great.

Dad Christo provided a small rat snack and one fledgling claimed it while another looked on enviously.

The log on the east lawn has been a popular playground toy.

The young hawks are losing the yellowish coloring on their chests, which is now turning white.

Practicing walking on the balance beam:

The low swoops are always fun. If a hawk flies low over your head, it's not trying to hurt you, it's just practicing going after prey. I love when they make low passes and no one notices.

When a parent is in sight (like Amelia, below right), the kids beg for food. As time goes on, the parents will feed them less, providing incentive for the kids to catch their own meals.

But not to worry, parents Christo and Amelia will not let them starve. They always seem to know just when the young ones need a snack to keep them going.

More to come.

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