Friday, April 26, 2024

2024 Solar Eclipse

Because I'm fashionably late, here are some of my photos from the solar eclipse we had on April 8. USPS was also fashionably late, sending me my solar glasses several days after the eclipse. On the upside, I'm so prepared for 2079!

We had about 90% coverage here in NYC, so I went up to the Great Lawn in Central Park to experience it with a few thousand neighbors. The crowd was excited and the vibes were good.

We lucked out with a fairly clear afternoon with a few wispy clouds to make things interesting. You can see a couple of sun spots (dark spots) in this first photo as the moon begins its photo-bomb of the sun.

2024 SOlar Eclipse


2024 SOlar Eclipse

2024 SOlar Eclipse

Final sliver:

2024 SOlar Eclipse

Although we didn't get the total 100% coverage experience, there was still a noticeable darkening of the sky and the crowd on the Great Lawn let out a cheer at the peak. The video below shows the lighting, and, although there appears to be clouds in front of the sun, the eclipse was still visible through solar filters and glasses.

If you listen, you can hear grackles in the background of the video. I didn't notice any change in bird behavior, likely because the light only dimmed for a short time and it wasn't any darker than a regular cloudy day.

Here's my post from the previous partial solar eclipse in NYC in 2017.

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