Monday, April 8, 2024

Happy Eclipse Day, and a few bird highlights

Happy Eclipse Day for those in the path of totality. I will be out there observing birds to see if and how they may react to the sudden darkness during the day. Here in NYC, we expect to see about 90% coverage of the sun, so it should be a good experience.

Back in 2017, I tried my hand at photographing a partial eclipse and I plan to do so again today.

In the mean time, please enjoy a few more recent bird highlights from my photo backlog.

Fish Crows flying in front of the moon:

Fish Crows fly in front of the moon.

Christo, our local male Red-Tailed Hawk, spent a recent evening hunting for pigeons on a rooftop.

Christo perches on a rooftop with cell phone transmitters.

Christo on a rooftop with cell phone transmitters.

In the end, he didn't catch anything and moved on to try something else.

Christo flying.

Christo perches on a church cross.

This is another hawk seen soaring over Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Red-tailed hawk.

Bald Eagle.

Kestrel perches on a statue.


In special Osprey news, Iris, one of the oldest living Ospreys in the world (25+ years old), has returned to her nest in Montana. You can follow her activities and get updates on the Hellgate Osprey Cam. She is an amazing creature.

Chipping SParrow

Yellow-rumped warbler.

Yellow-rumped warbler.

Pine Warbler.

Snowy Egrets.

Juvenile Little Blue Heron.

Immature Brown Pelican:

Brown Pelican

I was waiting for a bus on Jamaica Avenue in Brooklyn when I saw this incredible sight: thousands of Brant migrating north. These geese fly all the way up to the Arctic Circle and beyond for the breeding season. This photo was just a small portion of the spectacle - I estimate there were 5000-8000 in the sky at once.

Migrating Brant.

Northern Harrier seen at Jamaica Bay with Manhattan in the background:

Northern Harrier with Manhattan in the background.

More to come.

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