Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreadful fun

I know Halloween is over, but it's my favorite holiday (any excuse to wear a wig!) and I just can't get enough of all things creepy, ghoulish and silly.  If it were up to me, it would be acceptable to wear costumes and eat candy every day of the year.  So, let's drag out the festivities with a few more images from this last week.

On the Coney Island boardwalk...

Coney Island

Also at Coney, live freaks and curiosities.

Curiosities and live freaks

Speaking of freaks, heeeelp!


Even scarier, yours truly with snakes in my hair. Despite clearly being a gorgon, a traffic cop accused me of being an antelope. Antelope must have evolved quite a bit since I last checked.

Medusa in the Blarney Cove

Day of the Dead offerings at St. Mark's Church.

Day of the Dead

And, finally, Greenpoint at night is wonderfully dark, desolate and spooky. This is my favorite time of year to explore the city after the sun goes down...

Night in Greenpoint


  1. Great photos, love the snakes in the hair! Where was it taken? Hard to believe it's November! Where did the year go?

  2. @Marty - that's in Blarney Cove, where all the gorgons go!

  3. every year i mean to buy a buttload of rubber snakes at oriental trading company so i can be medusa, and every year i forget. love your gorgon getup.

    and that greenpoint pic is RAVISHING.

  4. @marjorie - Thanks!

    Pearl River on Lower Broadway is a great source for rubber snakes.

  5. Great snakes in your hair--you look glam. I like the spooky street at night too..great feeling in the air this time of year.

  6. Great pictures - love the boardwalk one, that desolate Greenpoint street, & of course, your Medusa look. Antelope? Ridiculous....

  7. I love the Greenpoint picture. Great stuff; makes me miss ny.