Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ruby's last day...?

As of today, Ruby's Bar and Grill is still in negotiations for a new lease, so we don't know if they'll be back next season or if this last Sunday was really, truly, the last day.  Assuming it was, I went out to the boardwalk to bid farewell and to soak up everything I want to remember.

After a freak October snowstorm the previous day, Sunday was clear and sunny - perfect for sitting outside.

Ruby's last day

Inside, patrons watched some football...

Ruby's last day

Others played pinball...

Ruby's last day

While out front, a mysterious sea creature made an appearance...

Ruby's last day

What ever it is, I love it.

Mysterious sea creature

Meanwhile, the famous photographs came down from the walls...

Ruby's last day

And some parts of the room were already stripped bare.

Ruby's last day

Here's to a true Brooklyn/New York/American treasure.

A Brooklyn treasure...

You can see more photos of Ruby's here.


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  1. Great shots, Goggla, especially of the mystery man and the sea animal. I'd love to know his story! Here's hoping there's another season here next year.

  2. Ha! The beast! I'm starting to wish I had one to carry around. It was a sweet-sad, beautiful autumn afternoon. Hope we can be back next year.

  3. We've GOT to find out more about that sea-rabbit. Maybe it's got a nest somewhere...