Thursday, May 31, 2012

Asbury Park, part 2

The main building on the Asbury Park boardwalk is the Paramount Theater/Convention Hall, which serves as a venue for rock concerts and is the home of the Jersey Shore Roller Girls.

Here's the line-up for June:

Asbury Park

Inside, you can still find plenty of Springsteen swag.

Asbury Park

Speaking of Springsteen, I couldn't visit Asbury park without going to the Stone Pony, one of the best-known rock and roll venues around.  It looks like I just missed Collective Soul by a day - doh!

Asbury Park

Inside, the walls are plastered with autographed guitars.  This is just a sampling from one corner of the room.

Asbury Park

It was late afternoon when I stopped in, so the crowd was still pretty small.  This band - Beef - was pretty good and everyone seemed really excited to be playing and hearing music in such a legendary venue.

Asbury Park

Anyone into music should really make the trip to Asbury Park to take in a few shows.  Another nearby bar/venue, The Wonder Bar, is a great place to hang out and take in some music.  I see they've got a Bon Jovi tribute night lined up for June 23 if anyone is interested!

More to come...

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  1. This year's "All Tomorow's Parties" festival is being held in Asbury Park come September: