Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bouncing baby hawks

Getting lots of vertical exercise on Avenue A...

Bouncing baby hawk

Bouncing baby hawk

Bouncing baby hawk

Ave A hawklets

From the other side of the window, as seen via the web cam, you can see how the sticks that make up the nest are really dwindling. You can clearly see the white edges of the air-conditioner and people walking on the sidewalk below.

This screenshot shows how close the three birds are up there.  I tried to get a screenshot while they were flapping, but their wings obscured the entire frame.

So far, all three kids, as well as mom and dad, don't seem that anxious to fledge.  The kids are still getting regular meals on the nest and the parents are keeping watchful eyes on them.  They will decide when the time is right.


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