Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hawk family weekend

This last weekend was a busy one for the Tompkins Square hawks, and I was able to see all four of them, which was a real treat.

On Saturday, the native fledgling, Ten, spent a whopping 7.5 hours up on this cellphone transmitter on Avenue A and St Mark's Place.

Tompkins fledgling #1

Tompkins fledgling #1

It got to be pretty tedious watching her up there, but she seemed to enjoy herself.

Tompkins fledgling #1

On Sunday, I found her just as she hopped out of the nest at 12:30pm.  According to other hawk-watchers, she'd gone into the nest around 11am and apparently took a nap up there.

After she left the nest tree, there was a great frenzy of hawks flying around and screaming.  On the east side of the park, Christo, Dora and one of the fledglings tussled in a tree, causing a big commotion.  They were behind some leaves, so I couldn't see which fledgling was involved, nor could I see if they were squabbling over food.

All three hawks took off to the west side of the park where they settled in the big elm north of the chess tables and proceeded to loudly vocalize for about 20 minutes.

Christo & Dora

Above, Dora is perched on the large branch while Christo is below her.  Below, you can hear them vocalizing at the very beginning of the video.  They were really loud until I took out the video camera, at which time they went quiet!

The hawks stayed mostly hidden in the tree for about an hour, and then a fledgling flew out and went to the big elm that overhangs the pathway near the St Mark's Place entrance.  A closer look revealed the fledgling to be Flatbush (note the band on his leg).

Tompkins fledgling #2

When he landed in the tree, he knocked out a small dead branch, which fell onto some people sitting on the bench below.  Ooops!

Tompkins fledgling #2

As I was watching Flatbush, Ten flew by and she eventually settled in the Krishna Tree.

Tompkins fledgling #1

After a full day loafing on the cellphone transmitter, it was nice to see her more active in the park.  As I watched her, something on the ground behind me caught her eye and she dove straight over my head.

Tompkins fledgling #1

Tompkins fledgling #1

What ever she was going for in the bushes got away.

Looking for prey

She then flew to the big elm where Flatbush had previously been, but he was gone at this point and I wasn't able to keep track of where he went.

Tompkins fledgling 

Ten scavenged for scraps, turning up this pile of feathers.

Beak full o' feathers

A squirrel decided to tease her, which you can see in the video below. 

Flatbush previously had a similar squirrel experience.

After dealing with the squirrel, Ten hopped down to a fence to greet her adoring fans.

Tompkins fledgling #1

Tompkins fledgling #1

She didn't stick around for long, though, and took off to chase some pigeons.

Tompkins fledgling #1

I didn't see her catch any prey, but she put on a good show and made several promising swoops across the park.

Tompkins fledgling #1

You can see more recent photos of the entire hawk family on my Flickr page.

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