Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Christo and Nora make a mating attempt

Christo seems to be taking the lead showing Nora how things are done during hawk mating season.

Over the weekend, I caught up with the pair as they hung out on the cross at St Brigid's on Avenue B and 8th Street (Christo is on the left, Nora is on the right).

Christo and Nora

After a short meeting, Christo flew across the street to Tompkins Square Park to work on the nest in the ginkgo tree.  Nora stayed behind and watched.

Nora and Christo

This stick goes there, and this one goes there...

Christo works on the nest

Christo seems to be showing Nora what to do.  I'm wondering if she's young and maybe has never built a nest before.  Or, maybe she was raised in a non-tree environment and needs to learn.  She appears to be comfortable on buildings, so perhaps she was born in an urban area.  Unfortunately, her background is a mystery.

While working on the nest, Christo would look back at the church where Nora perched.

Do you see what I'm doing?  Wanna join me?

Christo in the nest

Finished with nestorations, Christo returned to the church cross...

Christo flies in to Nora

...and hopped on Nora's back!

Christo and Nora mating attempt

Nora seemed to be more confused than anything else.

Christo and Nora mating attempt

Hmm, they didn't quite mate, but came close.

Christo and Nora mating attempt

After the three-second balancing act, Christo took off and returned to stick-gathering.  Nora stayed on the cross for a while, then eventually flew off to roost.

Christo and Nora mating attempt

Christo is moving ahead with what he's supposed to be doing for mating season.  Maybe Nora will become more enthusiastic after hormones kick in during the next few weeks.

Who could possibly resist this awesome guy???


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