Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fun with a young red-tail in Battery Park

I enjoy spending time in Battery Park in winter as the cold weather keeps most of the crowds away and the park can be pretty quiet.  A young red-tailed hawk has been wintering in the park this season (previously featured in this post), and I was recently delighted to see it playing around on the main lawn.

Immature red-tail

This hawk seems to be attracted to pine cones, which make perfect toys.

Immature red-tail

I really love seeing young hawks run around, and I managed to get some video of this hawk curiously inspecting the vegetation.

In addition to pine cones, this hawk had fun wrangling a pine bough.

It doesn't get much cuter than this (action starts at the 50-second mark) -

Playful one minute, stern the next...

Immature red-tail

As nesting season starts up, these young hawks will likely migrate out of the city, so enjoy them while you can.

Immature red-tail

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