Friday, October 12, 2018

They never say goodbye

There hasn't been any hawk news to report from Tompkins Square Park lately. Christo and Amelia are still around, but it seems our fledgling has ventured off on his own.  I last saw him in the park on September 27.  Below is some video I took of him that evening as he hunted for rats behind the park offices.

I don't know where the young hawks go when they leave the area, nor do I know how far they go or if they ever return. After seeing this fledgling almost daily since he hatched on/around June 1, it's been hard getting used to his absence.

This hawk nesting season in Tompkins Square saw a lot of drama, which included:

Dora going to rehab in late November/early December 2017
The arrival of Nora/Barucha in December 2017
Dora's return from rehab on February 26, 2018
Dora's return to WINORR on April 4, 2018
The sudden arrival of Amelia
The rescue of Christo and Amelia's first fledgling on July 25, 2018
The death of the first fledgling on July 29, 2018
The younger fledgling suffering from illness

For those wondering about the condition of Dora, she is still with WINORR and they report she has  a new mate and is doing well. 

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