Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe Colonial and Keith Haring

As usual, I was looking through some old photos, searching for something else, when I came across one I'd totally forgotten.

This is - er, was - Cafe Colonial, on the SE corner of Houston and Elizabeth Streets.  Reflected in the window is a Keith Haring mural which was up briefly in the Fall of 2008.  Both are now gone.

Cafe Colonial


  1. he lived in my building briefly in the 70's in the sro on the 3rd floor. had a stolen orange bike.

  2. I love this photo-Keith Haring was great. So was Stephen Sprouse. I remember wearing Stephen Sprouse's magnetic blue leggings with a tee shirt. That was very EV back in the day.

  3. This is a fantastic photo. Already seems like 50 years ago.