Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summertime blues

Oh, summer heat and humidity, you just couldn't stay away!  I know, I know, I complained last year about 400 days of clouds and rain, but the punishment inflicted this year has gone on way too long.  I have learned my lesson.  I love you and forgive you, but really, show some mercy...let's part ways with fond memories, not unpleasant sweaty ones.

It's my own fault for living on a concrete and steel island which functions as a fantastic hot plate, but that doesn't mean I can't escape once in a while or, at least, dream of bluer places I'd rather be...

Like Jersey!

Sailing on the Hudson
Hudson River

Or, Ellis Island and it's abandoned hospital.

Sailing on the Hudson
NY Harbor

Things are more peaceful as you travel north on the Hudson...

Hudson River at Saugerties
Saugerties, NY

Even better yet...

A quiet day at the beach
Zihuatanejo, Mexico


3rd St & Ave A
Kenkeleba Sculpture Garden, East Village


  1. love reality...

    yearning for the SI ferry. workman fixing walls that cover 100 year old sewer pipes so I'm stuck in a hot apartment. dreaming of the harbor.

  2. Ugh, and today of all days is an unpleasant one to be doing work in an apartment...don't inhale any of the dust that comes out of those old walls!