Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saving our community gardens follow-up

It was a great turn-out for the public hearing to preserve NYC's community gardens yesterday. So many people spoke up in defense of these green spaces, testifying before the Parks Department as to why our public gardens need permanent protection.

Many argued that in some neighborhoods, there are no public parks and no easy access to fresh food, so community gardens serve to not only beautify the area, but also to grow vegetables, fruit and teach sustainable living. Many gardens function as educational and recycling centers. For a wonderful example of this, check out the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Time's Up organized a rally before the hearings and provided some positive tunes and dancing before the serious business got underway...

Saving our community gardens

I loved this ladybug costume.

Saving our community gardens

Here is some crappy video (sorry, I don't have a real video camera) of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn testifying before the Parks Department in defense of the gardens:

And, here's video of Councilwoman Rosie Mendez doing the same:

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