Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hawk nest update

I was really hoping for an exciting update on the hawk nest being built on the Christodora.  However, it's been a disappointing few days and it looks like the hawks may have abandoned their efforts.  I've not seen any action at the nest site since February 20 and that's also the last day I saw the hawk pair together in Tompkins Square, which I find strange.

This is the last photo I have of anyone working on the nest:

Adult red tail building nest on the Christodora

And these are the last photos I have of the pair, who stayed in the center of the park until late on the 20th, eating and prancing around in a tree.

Red tail pair in Tompkins Square

Red tail pair in Tompkins Square

Red tail pair in Tompkins Square 

It's possible they found another nesting site, but I do hope they return to Tompkins Square.

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